Monday, 22 September 2008

Introducing - the blog

Welcome to the new blog for Icon Books' series of illustrated, comic book style guides to big ideas, Introducing.

If you don't know what these books are all about, take a look through this month's featured book, Shakespeare, via the link on the right. Each Introducing book is a deft mixture of concise but informative text and witty, intelligent graphic illustration. They are certainly a more enjoyable way to get to grips with some of mankind's most challenging ideas, but any fan will tell you they are better, too - the illustrations give live to the ideas, and really make you do the thinking.

There's over 70 titles in the series, although this blog will focus on the series' newest look and format, in which twelve titles are now available. Take a look here for the full list of those twelve:

This blog will feature news on the series, competitions, giveaways, posts by Introducing authors and artists and more. If you'd like to contribute, let us know.

And let us know what you think of the series or anything that's posted here by commenting on this blog or emailing Icon Books at

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