Friday, 15 May 2009

Introducing - new website launched today!

The beta version of our brand new Introducing website is now live - see Hope you like it!

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Harry said...

I came across this website by chance and I am pleased there is at last some effort at promoting the Introducing series of books, which has been seriously neglected in recent years.

However, the text on the website is terrible! Some of the statements are factually incorrect and there are numerous English mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar. The style of writing is juvenile and amateurish. This is a very bad advert for the Introducing books, which are all well written by professional writers.

Also, what is the point of putting random quotations on twitter without giving sources? Out of context, these quotations are meaningless and do not promote the books they come from. Importantly, you are infringing the Moral Rights obligations of Copyright laws and setting a bad example. You should always put the name of the author and the title of the book with each quotation.